Lionstone Real Estate Partners focuses on the under-served niche market of small to medium-sized assets, often too small for foreign institutional investors and too big for local players acting with limited financing. Lionstone aims to achieve long-term capital growth on its investments by investing in real estate located in two AAA countries.




The Luxembourg strategy is to invest in residential development projects in

A-locations with an ongoing special development plan or an existing building permit. 

Lionstone does not intend to invest in properties to achieve rental yields.

Projects are either fully developed or sold with existing building permits. 
A key characteristic of this strategy is the General Partner’s wide network in Luxembourg, avoiding costly bidding processes.


The Dutch strategy is to invest in existing residential property portfolios in economically robust locations with sound infrastructure. Lionstone aims to buy off-market portfolios with an above-average gross rental yield. Through active property management, the team intends to refurbish and sell vacant dwellings in order to capture the upside potential. Portfolio sizes range up to 150 dwellings.


The General Partner is evaluating residential projects in other EU jurisdictions as well as office buildings on an opportunistic basis. The strategy is to partner with peer investors in order to participate in lucrative off-market investment opportunities as co-investor.