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Lionstone Capital Management targets the medium-sized residential development market, which is often overlooked by foreign institutional investors and local players with limited financing. The company's goal is to achieve-term capital growth by investing in real estate located in two AAA countries.





Luxembourg's investment strategy focuses on residential development projects in prime locations with ongoing special development plan applications. Our goal is to develop sustainable, modern city centres where people enjoy living and that meet the demands of the future. Projects are either fully developed or sold with obtained building permits.

We are developing projects on plots that range from 8 to more than 200 units and up to 40,000 sqm. By buying early, we aim to maximise value for future homeowners, utilising groundbreaking development methods (i.e. using waste heat from a data center).

Our strategy focuses on Opportunistic investments involving high-risk, high-reward development opportunities. This approach ensures high potential returns and meets the evolving needs of modern urban living while delivering high-quality developments.

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Over the past years, our real estate investment strategy in the Netherlands has focused on acquiring and developing housing projects to address market needs. We acquired two portfolios consisting of 81 and 147 units spread across several locations. Additionally, we developed two new projects from scratch, featuring 18 and 19 energy-efficient homes that generate more energy than they consume.

When units from the acquired portfolios became vacant, we refurbished and sold them on the market. Many of these homes meet social housing standards, offering affordable and sustainable living options. This approach has helped build supportive communities for families and individuals, aligning with our commitment to creating high-quality, accessible housing solutions.

Our Dutch strategy blends Core, Core Plus, and Value-Add elements, focusing on stable income from social housing and adding value through the development of energy-efficient homes.

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